diamond expert Meet The Experienced Diamond Expert 

As one of South Africa’s leading diamond experts, Colin Goodman is one of the most respected diamond dealers in South Africa. In a busy world of technology and automation, Colin offers the rare service of a free private consultation. It’s here when he imparts over 40 years of diamond industry knowledge. This is why customers can understand the process and buy with confidence.

Colin Goodman Diamonds International offers one of the largest internationally certified loose diamond collections in the country in every shape, size and quality. We specialize in round brilliant cut diamonds.

Colin’s well-established factory expertly polishes Internationally Certified Diamonds at extremely competitive prices with over 400 Diamonds in stock at any time. Colin Goodman Diamonds not only boast GIA Certification but also a partnership with the biggest diamond cutters in the world.

Colin will even go so far as to counter any written quotation, enabling you to confidently make your purchase secure in the knowledge that you will be getting the best value for money.

Buying a diamond is a once in a lifetime purchase, one which often comes with limited knowledge of the product. The difference between a nerve-racking experience and a smooth, simple transaction is education. The true value of this process lies in understanding how to prioritize the technical factors of size, colour, cut and clarity over the factors that are more visible to the naked eye.  This is why our company philosophy is simply; knowledge is power.