Payment and 14-Day Return Policy

Purchasing a diamond / diamond ring from us is a simple process and we provide our customers with peace of mind with our 14-Day Return Policy.

Should you wish to pay off your diamond ring, we will accommodate you by offering excellent terms.

Step 1
Once you have selected the size, colour and clarity (inclusions) of the diamond you wish to purchase and/or the setting thereof, we will email you a copy of the certificate, professional valuation and a photograph of the item. Upon you notifying us of your approval of the certificate, we will send you our invoice via email.

Step 2
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase once you have received same, you will have 14 days from the date of receipt of the item to return the item to us for a full refund.

1. We utilise a professional courier company who delivers door to door. Delivery of your purchase to you is free within the Republic of South Africa;
2. Only the person stipulated on the delivery instructions to the courier company will be permitted to take delivery of your purchase and only upon exhibiting valid identification;
3. Your purchase will be insured by us for the full value whilst it is in the process of being delivered to you. Upon you receiving your purchased item and signing therefore, all risk of loss and/or damage to the item shall immediately transfer to you and you will be responsible to insure the item.
4. Should you be dissatisfied with the item purchased by you, and in terms of our 14 Day Return Policy decide to return the said item, we will arrange to have it collected from you by our courier company. This service is free of charge within the Republic of South Africa.

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