Diamond Eternity Rings Special Offers

An eternity ring is designed to be a symbol or token of everlasting love as well as the ‘eternity’ a couple plan to share together.

The concept of an eternity ring dates back approximately 4,000 years to Egyptian times. While the Egyptians didn’t necessarily use the rings to commemorate a specific occasion, they were said to have used them simply as a token of both eternal love and life.

Early examples found were a rather ordinary circle of metal, precious or otherwise, set with stones either on the top half of the ring or running the entire circumference of the ring. Some early examples of eternity rings were also designed to mimic the image of a snake devouring its own tail, a common symbol used to represent eternity, often referred to as the ‘ouroboros’.

There are four main eternity ring setting types namely claw set, pavé set, channel set and cut down set. The claw set is the most traditional setting. This type of setting can hold most diamond shapes and sizes. Pavé set eternity rings are set in clusters with small diamonds for more sparkle. Channel set eternity rings are placed in a metal channel where the stones are placed without metal in between them. The cut down eternity rings have no visible strip of metal on either side of the diamond.

All the different eternity ring setting types are designed to hold different diamond shapes and usually made in platinum or 18 carat white and yellow gold. Because the diamonds of an eternity ring circle the entire finger, this type of ring offers an extra sparkle. Alternative styles of diamond eternity rings contain diamonds set across the face of the ring only and are known as half-eternity rings.

CTShapeColourClarityFactory PriceRetail PriceCert
0.25RoundH-I VS-SIR 6,995R 11,995EGL
0.50RoundH-I VS-SIR 11,995R 19,995EGL
0.75RoundH-I VS-SIR 16,995R 29,995EGL